Clean Room Equipment

Airomax Airborne LLP is a Leading Manufacturer of Clean Room Equipment from Ahmedabad, India, Dubai, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

Pharmaceutical and biological laboratories and industries use clean rooms. Clean rooms are designed such that the room receives minimal particulate matter and air borne microorganisms from the external environment. clean room equipment are constructed with the added precaution of keeping their contents from escaping into the outside environment. The cleanroom regularly uses a number of tools and supplies to guarantee the highest levels of sterility and cleanliness. Everything that is kept in a clean room needs to be sterilisable or pre-sterilized. Regular cleaning and mopping of the clean room requires the use of specialised cleaning supplies that are only allowed in that space. The items which are being disposed from a clean room must be packed and sealed in disposable bags after decontamination.

Cleanroom equipment is essential for maintaining controlled environments crucial in industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and healthcare. Designed to meet stringent cleanliness standards, this equipment includes HEPA-filtered air systems, laminar flow benches, and specialized furniture. These tools create contaminant-free spaces, ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. Precision and reliability are paramount in cleanroom operations, making high-quality equipment indispensable. Regular advancements in technology enhance the efficiency of cleanroom equipment, guaranteeing optimal conditions for sensitive processes. Investing in cutting-edge cleanroom solutions underscores a commitment to product integrity, safety, and adherence to industry standards.

Clean Room Equipment


  • High-efficiency motors.
  • Leakproof airflow system.
  • Reduced chances of cross-contamination.
  • Dynamic Air Barrier.
  • More usable workspace.
  • A HEPA filter with 99.999% efficiency.
  • Airflow sensor alerts.
  • Divided autoclavable work tray allows easy cleaning.

Cleanroom Equipment Applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical research laboratories
  • Electronic industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Semiconductor production
Clean Room Equipment

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